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Deposit AB was established in 1997. Three years later a Cooperation Agreement was established with Escrow Europe, the Netherlands. Deposit is working internationella under the name of Deposit AB - Escrow Europe Scandinavia. Since 2008 we are a part of the NCC Group. NCC Group was admitted onto the London Stock Exchange on 13 July 2007.
NCC Group has over 100,000 deposits of code safely secured in escrow, trusted by 14,000 customers in over 135 countries

What is a Software Escrow Agreement?

A Software Escrow Agreement is a simple and effective tri-party arrangement with mutually agreed terms between the software customer, supplier, and Deposit AB - Escrow Europe Scandinavia. Under the Software Escrow Agreement, the supplier periodically deposits a copy of the software source code and associated materials for secure storage within NCC Group’s secure physical or virtual vaults, ensuring that the material can be accessed and released should the need arise. In the event of a release, the software customer can utilise Escrow deposit to maintain the software, working from the source code, whether that be in-house or by engaging with another supplier.

What is a Software Escrow Verification?

Where a Software Escrow Agreement provides customers with the legal right to access the source code behind third-party software in the event of supplier failure, our Software Escrow Verification solutions provide an enhanced level of software resilience and continuity assurance. Enhanced Software Escrow Verification services test that the source code deposit is correct, complete and can be re-built into the working application in the event of service disruption. For applications hosted within the Cloud we also offer Cloud Software Escrow Agreements and Verification options.


With our software escrow services as part of your offering, you can increase demand of your applications, close deals faster and sell more in to high governance markets, all whilst gaining competitive advantage and a recurring revenue stream via resilience rebates.

User - Licensee

The most suitable Software Escrow Agreement for your organisation will depend on whether the software you are looking to protect is hosted on-premise or in a Cloud environment and if the software is utilised by one or multiple organisations. We offer a range of Software Escrow Agreements to meet different business requirements.

Supplier - Licensor

Our Single Licensee Escrow Agreement is suitable for on premise software applications that are bespoke and used by only one organisation. The Licensee joins the Agreement enabling them to apply for the source code to be released in the event of a release. Our Multi Licensee Escrow Agreement for on premise software is suitable for off-the-shelf solutions used by multiple users across different organisations. Any Licensee of the software can join the Agreement enabling them to apply for the source code to be released in the event of a release.


Safeguards your investment by guaranteeing the long-term availability of third-party software and data whilst protecting the developer’s IPR.

Source Code Escrow

Software Escrow Agreement

Provides independent assurance of access to the source code behind business-critical third-party software. Mitigates the risk of IT supply chain disruption. Our in-house Legal team will work with all parties to negotiate and agree upon the terms of the Escrow contract including deposit frequency, fees, release criteria and Verification testing requirements

Registry Data Escrow Agreement

As part of the generic top-level domain (gTLD) application process, applicants must meet different criteria set out by ICANN, one of which is a requirement to establish daily transfers of WHOIS data to a reputable escrow agent. Registry Data Escrow Agreements are available for registry operators of gTLDs. Under the terms of this Agreement, in the event of the Registry Operator no longer being able to support the applicant the critical WHOIS data held in escrow will be released to ICANN allowing continuation of the TLD

Information Escrow Agreement

Information Escrow Agreements protect business-critical information such as product designs, industrial formula, manufacturing processes and marketing materials. Designed specifically to protect the growing number of organisations who outsource the development of specific elements of their operations to a specialist third party, any type of business critical information can be covered.

Copyright Escrow Agreement

Copyright Escrow Agreements Protects clients’ original material to assist in the prosecution or defence of copyright infringement claims. It is designed to assist in establishing ownership of material such as software applications, websites, product designs, artwork, original music scores and fashion designs. The original material is held along with rough drafts and plans showing how it evolved, details of the owners, evidence of authorship and any relevant contracts of employment for staff involved in its development. In any copyright infringement claims, the owner can use this as evidence that it created the material.

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NCC Group has over 100,000 deposits of code safely secured in escrow, trusted by 14,000 customers in over 135 countries

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