Deposit review

Deposit Review, the basic level of verification, provides reassurance that the material deposited in escrow is virus-free, accessible and of the expected type. During the exercise NCC Group audit and record the details of the deposit in its native environment.

We recommend

Entry Level Verification is the minimum level of verification recommended by NCC Group for business-critical third-party software applications. During an Entry Level Verification exercise an in-house NCC Group Verification Consultant will witness and document the rebuild of the software from the source code into the working application in the software vendor’s own environment.

What is a Software Escrow Verification?

Where a Software Escrow Agreement provides customers with the legal right to access the source code behind third-party software in the event of supplier failure, our Software Escrow Verification solutions provide an enhanced level of software resilience and continuity assurance. Software Escrow Verification services test that the source code deposit is correct, complete and can be re-built into the working application in the event of service disruption. For applications hosted within the Cloud we also offer Cloud Software Escrow Agreements and Verification options.

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NCC Group has over 100,000 deposits of code safely secured in escrow, trusted by 14,000 customers in over 135 countries

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